Electronic and Energy Medicine

 Electro-MassageEarly in the development of electricity battery powered massage machines for ‘health’ were sold: these days things have moved on:

PEMF devices: Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Known to speed up bone fracture healing.

pemf-fifth-elementIMRS 2000 has a good reputation for treating certain ailments and is according to some researchers very good as a preventative tool for peak health. However it does not come cheap. The book PEMF The 5th Element of Health is good for an all-round introduction to this subject; but also a sales brochure for the IMRS 2000.

A  good review/appraisal and background to these devices is found at pmft.net .


PEMF is used by NASA for astronauts and some claims for cancer remission using these devices is claimed. They are certainly being used for treating sports injuries. NASA has even installed Schumann Resonance devices into spacesuits.

It all began with TESLA:


tesla- electric - discharge

The placebo effect is certainly at work with many of these emerging devices, they do work. Yet much of the healing is thought to be initiating or jump starting the bodies own immune and regeneration systems. Quite startling results from research regarding placebo effects are now emerging. BBC TV Horizon.

One thing I have researched myself is Ionizers and (good) ozone generators.

IONIZER - elanraOne of the best is the EANLRA there is a range: a house or office unit, one for the car and another for personal use which you wear around the neck. I have the office unit Mk2 and it has various settings which you can adjust; other units I believe lose their potency whilst these units have that renewed with each change to new needles annually. Its not cheap, and its costly to use as the needles have to be replaced yearly. But it does seem to do what it claims. (And you can sharpen the needles with sand paper then replace saving on expensive new ones).

There are many machines coming onto the market, most have some basis from the work of Dr Rife – like the BIO Resonator. An expensive piece of kit, used by practitioners. Of course mainstream medicine see all this as sued-science and at best a placebo effect, but if it works…

Then there are emerging certain diagnostics surounding bio-energy fields, some say crackpots, but isent that always so, before acceptance…

The ACMOS Antena is used for body energy diagnosis.

BioGeometry Ibrahim Karim is using ‘tools’ to correct adverse EM.

I believe the future of medicine will be moving towards such devices as science is beginning to cotton on to the facts that we are Electro Magnetic creatures.



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