PlaceboAnything that we think is beneficial for our health, from an authoritative source, even if false, can have positive effects on health and even performance. The placebo scores higher in tests that most of its comparative medicines, in fact the placebo is the most tested and best proven effect in medicine and health. If you believe it will help, if you are informed so from an authoritative person or organisation or by recommendation; the effects appear to be positive.

This is amazing and must be playing a major role in all emerging fringe scientific and other types of alternative treatments. (These are covered here in other sections: Water, Electronic & Energy Medicine,  )

BBC Horizon recently reported very positively on the placebo effect.

The placebo is the most tested and safest drug available, it has been tested as a control, against every single drug that makes its way to be consumed by patients and the general public, in fact it mostly scores effectively at a higher rate than the actual drug under testing! And it has no discernible side effects. And this is not just for drugs; other conditions even capabilities can be enhanced.


Masses of drugs taken means gigantic profits for the chemical based pharmaceutical industry, and most have horrific side effects. American Addict is a new film about the reliance and addiction of the Western world on taking pills for everything.

Auto suggestion and hypnosis, homepathy, acupuncture, etc.


Water – DNA – Genetics – Evolution – Darwinism – Ancient Engineering – Egyptology – The Brain – Conciousness – Electronic Medicine, Placebo and much more.

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