Absent minded


We are sometimes absent from our minds, you know this:  like when you drive to a destination and have no memory recall of the route and its landmarks. Sometimes you might drive unconsciously to a common repetitive destination, such as a place of work, only to wake up to the fact that on this occasion you are going somewhere else. We forget where we leave things; like glasses, keys, phones etc.

Specialists in a given field can use the mind to concentrate on singular subjects and exclude other aspects or even rule out potentials that may apparently conflict with the issue under study.

We all know of the absent minded scientist who might invent marvellous things and discover fundamental scientific advances, and yet forget his wife’s birthday and be unable to keep to timescales, forget meetings, and sometimes may defend a theory (his) even when opposite proof is overwhelming.

Sub-concious-mindNot only can we all be absent from our minds, we can be automatically controlled by it. There are many new discoveries emerging pertinent to this question, and we know that most of our brain is not, apparently, used by our more obvious thinking mechanisms.

Brain Magnetics.jpgQuestions arise about consciousness, when we think who is doing it? This consciousness  that we have? Are we conscious of our conciousness: are we awake? If we concentrate on a problem who takes care of other bodily functions and processes. Well of course that’s a function of the automatic and ‘unconscious’ mind, however these days observations and experiments are proving that this mind is far from unconscious,  and yet in all this where are we, who are we.

Are we constant in our minds; a constant I, a certainty of a me?

Some doubts regarding this do arise when this awareness of self submerges into absence, on those quite frequent occasions when we drift in our daydreaming, only to re-emerge to the task in hand that requires us being present, when working on something important for example, we can have the experience that we have been vacant.

Unconcious Mind

A great scientific mind pondering deep problems could under such circumstances walk under a bus, if it were not for the ever watchful super aware ‘unconscious mind’.

The question arises; if this mind has such capacity: is it us? Can we benefit from becoming more associated with it and therefore would such a thing be beneficial?

Greater awareness and more consciousness must be a worthwhile goal, certainly for open-minded use in problem solving.

How can theories, things we believe to be true, be exactly so; if we ourselves and also those that expound them are subjected to metal sleepwalking for multiple periods in a day, often most of the day!

This brings about a discussion about awareness and also being aware of our own conscious awareness! It’s a sort of mental gymnastic. However if you try you can quite easily prove to yourself that you have lapses in awareness when ‘you’ are no longer present.

Surely until we produce individuals trained and capable of really objective thinking, with more awareness, and real objectivity, then our scientific models which are not entirely proven or those (and there are many) that ignore inconsistencies in the theory etc we cannot have real objective certainty.

Mathematics is a good example as it is the basics of much of our modern worlds theories.

pi-Greek-numberFor example:  Pi being “a mathematical constant”   yet it’s an indeterminable mathematical equation only comparatively correct so it changes! So we round it up, thus ignoring other possibilities: circles may change diameter! And if they do so this is achieved by circumstances that we cannot imagine.

At one time the speed of light was calculated differently and changed periodically when studied, that is until an international agreement stabilised it at 299 792 458 meters per second but is this correct or is it an agreed assumption?

In mathematics there is no way to smoothly calculate one number up or down to the next the nearest unit – all  we can get is: .9999999999999999 recurring. This means there are unique objects with huge gaps or spaces between which we have no idea about , so: we ignore it.

Science can prove that Homoeopathy does not work and yet many people obtain a cure.

We are informed that Global warming is a fact but we really need several centuries of observation to prove it.

A lot can be hidden from us if we decide not to look. Not to think and fail to observe.

Not only are we often absent from our minds also our minds can be usurped! Well at least that part of our mind which we identify with as being: ‘me’ . I mean our concious awareness of ourselves actually  being there behind our eyes and quite consciously doing the thinking / talking. However often it goes on auto-pilot. When ‘we’ return do we even notice our recent absence?

By automatic thinking , which is a result of our training , our education, our upbringing, our preferences and our habits; we can very often issue entirely unconscious and automatic responses and this just stops us from thinking for ourselves. Worse still its a habit that is hard to overcome because most of us are entirely unaware of it.

This is due to the fact that someone has  previously established the way things are and in so doing ‘rounded up’ our reality to the nearest approximation and we automatically go with the flow and ourselves repeat unconsciously a concept, idea, or theory as our fact. This un-thinking is removing and diminishing the potentials for ‘out of the box thinking’ .  We tend not to question the  already established status quo because we also conform to the herd instinct.

a-mind-of-its-ownThe book ‘A Mind Of Its Own’ by Cordelia Fine goes some was to show that we are not fully in control of our minds. Many scientific, and psychological observations prove that we are often the subjects of automatic thinking, using responses to external circumstances and situations by a learned automatic un-thinking responses; anger and violence being at the extreme end and possibly just as debilitating: belief without questioning and fed – in – indoctrinations that have been put into us from an early age.

The possession of real objectivity comes into question when considering the above facts.

Most science is controlled by the pre-set rules of conformity.

Okay yes there are ’maverick’ scientists  we resist conformity and who make wild uncertain claims, crazy ideas etc., but, and quite often a few are eventually proven to be correct. Therefore we can see that such a maverick may be proven correct only when and if the consensus of opinion has moved on to allow it to become so.

I believe that we could improve our understandings and advance our knowledge by certain new approaches, with far less dogma, but they would have to begin with a long term programme involving the way we educate our children. Also to some extent people who are interested in mental improvement of any age could adopt some schemes to improve  mental agility and importantly awareness.

Chinese - QuigongFor example Qigong is a Chinese martial art assisting breathing which in turn develops inner strength of sinews and internal organs (not muscular strength) and results in ‘observable’ more wakefulness and consciousness. Meditation is another. There are many more methods.

Can we trust those who are subject to an inability to focus awareness in a real sense to be our leaders in science and for that matter in any other walk of life ? and certainly not politicians! They exhibit all the features of individuals bent upon power and dominance due to ego dominant mind-traits, once useful when we were neolithic cave-men facing physical dangers and requiring strength and dominance from a leader, these days these functions are detrimental to real awareness and insightful progress, and for problem solving in our modern stressful world.

Before leaving this subject I want to mention an area of science that is being overlooked and I want to throw in a potentially ‘off the wall observation’ and a resulting possible new line of thinking.

Electricity powers our world but in fact we really do not understand its function. One ‘maverick’ thinker and scientist is certain that wires do not carry electricity. They act as wave-guides for an electro-magnetic flow channel orbiting around and instantly along the metal wires. They can become power line aerials!

We have functioning electrical systems, we found these out from Faraday, Tesla and many others and put to work, in other words rounded up from potentialities that could produce far different systems, with all other possibilities and options for other energy functions; but these are closed off, due to the evolved current status quo, “ we don’t need to fix what’s working, no need to even bother to understand or to see if there are better options etc.,” which might turn out to provide us with more and better and high efficiency low cost electricity. The guy in question is Eic Drollard.

Here is one of my own musings after contemplating the possibility of sub-level electro-magnetism operating on a very low sub human observation level:

Hollyhock-Dish - arialA Hollyhock flower for all the world looks exactly like a microwave dish antenna. It has a tall stem and grounded in the earth roots: we could under different circumstances be looking at a receiver transmitter – grounded: what does such a thing do?Sat-Dish

Consider that as a living organism it has developed strategies (quite in line with Darwinian theory) to grow, survive, flourish and continue its existence (seeds). It takes up water, which is like a standing wave of contiguous droplets moving up its length: water has electro-static properties. It also takes in energy by photosynthesis: radiated sunlight – electrons.

We are told that it emits a smell, and by colours and shape it attracts insects to pollinate itself; so producing seeds and providing food and energy to bees and other pollinating insects. This process is in fact mutually reciprocal and self beneficial: the plant gains the bees gain.

But what if this process also operates on an entirely different level and method, maybe a fail-safe option juxtaposed to the one we can see and describe as above?

Consider this. What if the plant, when it is ready for pollination transmits signals on a certain frequency that is picked up by the insects, then they travel directly to it at exactly the right time.

Mosquito - Antenna - arialHave you ever wondered why all those insects have various and variable shapes of antenna? Is it to tune into certain exact frequencies?

Do flowers, plants, and trees have low power magnetic fields due to their water content and electrical grounding, could plants communicate by such methods? Is the waggle dance of bees an electro-magnetic signal exchange? And if so, then why not research into such forms of very subtle alternative energy and power for our own low cost energy needs?

You see how alternative thinking combined with observation and without listening to accepted preconceived solutions can block other realities….

The first individual to come up with just such a theory described regarding insects was: