Nuclear Fusor & Cosmic Induction

 Some radical propositions here:

Star In A JarKnown as The Star In A Jar and first proposed by  Philo Farnsworth  the inventor of electronic television; as a fusion reaction tube. Its real serious stuff as Georgia Tech is doing practical experiments with laboratory fusion generators. They have promise for low cost future power generation, maybe good to counter our reliance on oil.

Kinetic Artist Paul Fryer exhibited his Star In a Jar in 2006 in London. How to MAKE ONE

A Star is a Sun and the Sun is now proving to be controversial, does it have a cool inner core? Does it have a core atall? Is its heat produced similarly to the Star in a Jar experiment; with the outer surface membrane collecting energy from the surrounding nuclear particles attracted to it from surrounding space: is this what’s heating up the Sun?

A radical concept but supported by this Video: Do Magnetic Waves Heat the Solar Corona?

Have you noticed the central wire ball formation, which seems to be a critical element for generation of the Star In A Jar, is somewhat similar to the Flower Of Life ancient symbol.

You can see it in these: demonstration video.  A home-made star.

islamic- tile - motifVariations upon this symbol configuration have been known from the past: in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. More recently perpetuated within the symbolic nature of Islamic art (tiles). Did they know something we have missed? These tiles hold geometric designs and mathematical formulations within them that underpin mathematics and Euclidean geometry. On a single dimensional surface they display one interpretation however expanded into a three-D model they show much more startling properties. Don’t forget that the Islamic rulers of Spain encouraged mathematics and university education, the roots from which invigorated Western intellect and lead to the period of European enlightenment and the science and mathematics we have today. Our ancestors may have reproduced symbols that have potentials way beyond current knowledge, this concept was expressed in an old Science Fiction book: A Canticle For Liebwitz.

Could there really be a structure underneath the appearance of cosmology, held as a formative medium within electrical magnetic potentials? The Electric Universe Theory almost predicts this.

On a similar yet different aspect  of the ‘Star in a Jar’ type of phenomenon Eric Dollard and John Polakowski  are following methods first experimented with by Nikola Tesla and are producing  a test model of  a device known as the Cosmic Induction Generator. It is said to demonstrate underlying formative forces in nature. Based upon a new underlying unseen structure in nature formed from a void that surrounds and underpins our reality, given the name first proposed by  Rudolf Steiner: Counter Space. Using special mathematical formulations generated by Tesla over a century ago and now re-worked by professor Dollard: John Polakowski (Eric’s student) has used these equations to re-build the machine proposed by Tesla that generates longitudinal waveforms. Putting two of these electro magnetic production machines facing each other is said to generate at the point of interference of the two opposing wave-forms meshing: possibly an area of this Counter Space.

At the edges of this central area they put an unconnected held in the hand florescent tubing which ignites into brilliant light. It is said that future testing may reproduce an effect with ordinary but spent light-bulbs  of a very similar effect to the ‘Star in a jar’ phenomenon but much more controversial. The effect has been said to have been observed as unpredictable but when centred into the middle location of the proposed Counter Space  area that the glass bulb begins to show an underlying instantaneous shadow of the Flower of Life symbol as a sphere, before flashes of discharges form in fractal patterns, then in the centre of the spent glass light bulb: a galaxy forms!

Galaxy in a Light Bulb
A spent light bulb on a stick is inserted into the Counter Space field.

Cosmic Induction Generator fundraiser.

 Now closed but you can support this work here:

John Polakowski

John Polakowski