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Geo – Engineering

chemtrails-EnglandLook Up at the skies and you will see that a lot of planes leave white trails across the sky from horizon to horizon. Some do. Some don’t. You have to believe your own eyes don’t you? If your older than 20 you may remember that our skies were clear and blue on sunny days. These days ,not always but on some days the skies are criss-crossed with expanding white aircraft trails. Some days if you spend a little time to watch these white lines fan out, join together and make the sky a milky haze obscuring the sun: So what’s going on?

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Video Why In The World Are They Spraying?


One thing I have researched myself is Ionizers and (good) ozone generators.

These can assist in clearing the air locally. These contrails are said to have aluminium particulates in the fallout dropping to the ground: such aluminium is known to contaminate the brain and is associated with Alzheimers.

IONIZER - elanraOne of the best I have tried is the EANLRA: there is a range: a house or office unit, one for the car and another for personal use which you wear around the neck. I have the office unit Mk2 and it has various settings which you can adjust; other units I believe lose their potency whilst these units have that renewed with each change to new needles annually. Its not cheap, and its costly to use as the needles have to be replaced yearly. But it does seem to do what it claims: clears the air and makes it more breathable: the effect is similar to what you can identify in your breathing near to running water.


Other health related matters:

Air Polution (SRG)