“We Live In A BLACK WHOLE” – Nassim Haramien

Nassin-HarameinNassim Haramien is very controversial, he predicted that a Black Hole is at the centre of all Universes. That was over 25 years ago, now its gaining acceptance. More recently he extended his theory to include black holes as the Singularity at the centre of everything and thus accounting for the missing ‘Dark Matter’ which makes up most of the Universe – 97% of it. Matter, the physical stuff: elephants, rocks, planets, galaxies, old socks, trees and you and me are therefore only 3% of all and everything, that we call physical matter.  The more we look out there through our telescopes the more there is, and the more we look down into the smallest of particles, the more there is; and in the centre of all these things there is a singularity: a black hole.

This doesn’t make Astro Physicist’s very happy, and that wheelchair guy; as Homer Simpson calls Stephen Hawkins, is as incensed at Nassim’s conclusions like any other of his fraternity and probably because they had a different theory first: so have to stick to it to maintain reputations. Stephen Hawkin‘s big TOE may turn out to be an ingrowing toenail.

And it gets far worse for them as Nassim then concludes that we are living within a black hole and thus calls this the: Black Whole, as it then becomes the answer to the overarching cosmological question of a Unified Field Theory. This, then if/when verified and accepted puts him as the greatest Physicist ever: I guess the others won’t like that too much, especially as his conclusions lead him to interperate a multiple set of strange belief associations. And the big one is that the universe is CONCIOUS !


Crossing The Event Horizon

He puts Mankind and conciousness at the centre of everything.

The Resonance Project

A New Film – soon

And there has to be a ‘BUT’ so here it is, from a somewhat pedantic critic but you need to read it in spite of the style: who is correct: time will tell.