Is The Earth Growing?


Sounds crazy at first: and it was the accepted theory once upon a time before Earth Tectonics was proposed.

Basics of the theory –  the sun is emitting radiation, particles that go through to the centre of the earth which is a rotating plasma ball. This plasma ball is ‘feeding, on the particle bombardment’ and thus expanding. The planetary crust has to expand.

This may well be the cause of strange weather, volcanic activity and tsunamis – to come!

BUT, this was the theory before plate tectonics was discovered. And, how would the mountain ranges form in the expanding Earth model? AND, and this and goes for both: How did the Earth get its water?

So we have information – is information knowledge?


Another strange theory about the earth and its orbit  believes the earth was closer to the sun and it happened when ancient civilisations pre-dating ours built  monolithic stone structures: ETAMENANKI – cosmology of the three worlds.