Puma-Punku-stone - production line
Puma Punka: Bolivia – stones cut in a production line process?

Anomalous evidence is coming out and increasingly so regarding the ancient past that does not fit with what we have been taught in school about our origins and our ancient ancestors.

Ancient Core Drilling
Ancient Egyptian advanced core drilling.

A closed mind will throw out such ‘new’ physical evidence based upon it’s previous mental set conditioning; and that’s a phrase  “mental set conditioning” that will also turn off the same folks who just won’t even consider any evidence that  detracts from the mainstream established history taught in school. They don’t like to believe they have been conditioned.




The Jesuits knew a secret or two regarding the steerage of belief, the famous quote is:  “give me the child and I’ll give you the man”. The grooming of the mentality of under sevens towards belief, actually operates on many levels not simply the religious  one. An enlightened society would outlaw such behaviour leaving such acceptance to later more mature minds.

Emerging human psychology confirms that we have a tendency to accept as truth and stand by opinions and beliefs that have been inculcated into us first. First beliefs, first education theories, first opinions: these become our primary  concepts of our internal image about the ‘real’ world and reality. Shaking such strongly held beliefs and opinions can be frightening for many as it removes the solidity of their world view and their position within it.

We may not be able to trust our own minds!

Could it be that we are susceptible to the Jesuit maxim into and throughout our adult lives due to the very same principles of mental engineering by our upbringing, education and first learned beliefs? There is a lot of evidence to support that this is the case from emerging  studies of the state of human psychology. The study of ourselves.

Established sciences, archaeology and history don’t consider things on the fringes, they just dismiss it, it does not fit into the established paradigm. Careers are ended if you do not conform. Reputations, and funding are built upon already accepted parameters. Anyone with a new theory, even with visible evidence are often ridiculed, besmirched, laughed at and better still as a strategy: totally ignored by the mainstream and the media, but we have the Internet!

So who is it that is asleep? When real evidence of things that do not fit with what we have been told becomes as plain as the nose on your face.

Yes to accept the conclusions that some of these ‘fringe’ investigators that I will mention soon, conclude from the evidence may be unpalatable, absurd, or frightening. But we should not be throwing out the evidence basis just because of the unpalatable concepts put forward by some people. Some of their theories attempt to provide sometimes off the wall interpretations. What we do see as indisputable evidence of pre-historic advanced structures and engineering that fit an entirely different way of doing things, should not be dismissed. Just because we can not conceive of such operations, or motivations does not make the physical evidence we can clearly see make it  go away.

Here are presented several evidence based examples. Using your own eyes you can form your own opinion regarding the physical facts, leaving out the provided answers for later consideration. Suspension of disbelief does not mean you have to accept the overarching theories about why.

Brien Foerster
Brien Foester giant stone engineering.

Brien Foerster


Lost Technology of Egypt





Huge underground stone workings in Egypt.

Ancient Engineering before the Pharaohs.

And before the Incas.

Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger

Ancient Gold-mining in South Africa and strange stone enclosures.

South Africa ancient gold mining




I find his physical discoveries to be very interesting but have trouble with his naive solutions to society problems. And his other startling assumptions, which is a pity ; as it detracts from these incredible artefacts being taken seriously by mainstream archaeology.

Semir Osmanagich

Semir Osmanagich


The Bosnian pyramid – pyramids everywhere!




Its becoming increasing difficult for the mainstream to ignore the evidence emerging for high level technologies existing in the past civilisations that we were told by such experts had only stone hammers and copper tools. But I wish these investigators would not hang strange theories or belief alongside such impressive physical evidence: it gives fuel to the opposing arguments, to have no need to even argue just to say these people cannot be believed just look at their preposterous theories and beliefs.

All three of these guys seem to wear the same hats in more ways than one. Give them a chance try and watch without pre-conceived opinions, then of course your free to call them idiots, or irritants pointing out anomalies, or maybe free thinking agents of change.

And there are more:

Bolivia & Peru –  David Hatcher Childress and British Engineer Christopher Dunn. The last guy mentioned Christpher Dunn is the only one with strong credentials, and his questions do demand serious answers from Egyptologists, Geologists and Historians…. but their silence is deafening.

The Stone balls and amazing stone carvings of Costa Rica. Video.


These are all throwing up questions that mainstream science does not want to see or hear about.

 The archaeology & geology emerging now about ancient sites around the world proves to anyone with the eyes to see that pre-history is full of evidence to prove a more advanced past.

precessionAlso, just the fact that ancient people  both the Sumerian’s and the Maya on two separate sides of the planet knew about precession: shows both mathematical understanding and some observational knowledge that we have only recently begun to know, and really ought to be proof alone of superior know-how in ancient days. 

Enough for now; this post will be updated periodically…