Biosphere – Earth

Out Of The Silent PlanetWhen I was a kid I was drawn to reading Science Fiction and one of the first books I read was “Out Of The Silent Planet” by C S Lewis. In the book the hero character is  Dr. Elwin Ransom and he discovers that the Earth itself is a living entity. This story is strikingly similar to the Gaia theory from James Lovelock, in the book taking it further with the Earth as a living being: Thulcandra. Fanciful fiction and a great story. However many Science Fiction concepts have become reality and the idea that the planet itself is alive is echoed in the Gaia concept. Is it only within the realm of Science Fiction that the planet could have conciousness?

The Earth has a magnetic field and a protective barrier; the Van Allen Belt which stops much of the incoming harmful radiation from the Sun (letting through beneficial energies: electro magnetic rays). The fact that the Earth is just right in many interesting and ‘coincidental’ ways makes it be described as the Goldilocks Planet; in the only zone that sustains liquid water. How the Earth acquired its water is something of a mystery.

The interconnected nature of life: is it a surprise that the Earth resonates with a frequency range of Zero to 30Hz and so does the human brain. We are entrained to our planets frequencies. These facts must have important issues for us and how we evolve and how all of life has a common connection.

So our Earth and its biosphere is electro-magnetic and pulsates with a set of resonant frequencies. This combination would appear to be an essential factor along with water to generate and sustain organic life.

Cell Transducers

Cells in our bodies have voltages and also little aerials that receive and transmit; its an electro magnetic network. These cells (Mitochondria)can operate as transducers sending electronic signals having tiny magnetic properties and crystalline structures and containing Magnetite; the basis of such organic electro-fields.

Increasing Magnetite in a human body may increase its connectedness to the Earths currents – Magnetite pill. Such pills are expensive (because they promise so much), if your convinced? Alternatives are MAGNETITE POWDER (Fe3O4, Ferric Oxide) a cheap common substance; which is known as Ci Shi in Chinese medicine and used by some Qigong (Martial Arts) practitioners to increase bodily energy. Magnetite is (Lodestone) and Chinese medicine has used it for thousands of years (Ci Shi). Iron Oxide is one of the most common elements on Earth. Many African tribes still eat earth with their food and the best is that containing Ferric/Iron oxides.

The human body emits electrical signals; and that’s how your smart phone’s touch screen navigation operates. (Capacitive) Galvanic skin resistive. Electro Magnetic PET/CAT scanners can show the inside of our bodies entirely due to tiny electrically charged (atoms) within cell membranes (magnetite), when the electro magnetic charge it switched off/on the difference leaves a detectable trace that can be mapped to produce a visible image.


If a real Dr Ransom (Sci-Fi character) was journeying to another planet; to Mars as is being planned, then what measures would NASA have to provide to maintain the health the astronauts who leave the Earth’s electro-magnetic biosphere? A Schumann Resonator to provide the body with the same impulses.. and yes that is exactly what NASA is using! In fact have been using for many years building such frequency generators right into the astronauts space suits; to stop bone deterioration. Because, the body takes what it requires for mitochondria cell performance out of bone structure if it does not receive it from other sources.

Such facts have yet to filter down into common public understanding e.g. for use in treating bone deterioration in the elderly.

Cars, trains, planes and many (sick) buildings full of metal shield the innards and us from the magnetic fields of the Earth: that’s why some people feel ill or off-beam in such locations and vehicles. This and other electronic, chemical, air pollutants and lazy life stiles in front of TV’s and computers could be initiators of disease; only dimply accepted by current medicine.  As pharmacological medicine only targets the symptoms and not the cause; which in many cases might be attributed to the wrong kind of electro-magnetic pollution/interference with our electro-biosphere and its large Earth counterpart. Chemical tablets block the brain signals, often they can work, more often they act as suppressants of symptoms without addressing the initiating causes. is it possible we can reach and correct or diminish the causes? Reliance upon pills is becoming addictive and of course promulgated by the industry. See American Addict.

CT-Scanner: Maybe some day these machines might cure rather than just show disease?

Electronic ‘medicine’ is in its infancy but already there are many devices you can purchase that attempt to counter illness due to deficiencies caused by our modern life-style and the electronic pollution we live within. The best possible medicine technique is preventative; stop it before it happens and electronic devices do hold great promise for this.

High priced machine to generate PEMF Therapy: IMRS

A low cost alternative is Earthing and cheaper still: being outside!


More subjects:

Water – DNA – Genetics – Evolution – Darwinism – Ancient Engineering – Egyptology – The Brain – Conciousness – Electronic Medicine, Placebo and much more.

Water – new & old discoveries


Fairly recently Professor Gerald H. Pollack found a new phase of water. Its amazing that such a discovery could be found when every expert and school kid already thought that we understood almost everything about water. But it doesn’t please everyone.

Here follows a quote on the internet:

To me this just reads like pseudo scientific drivel – I am not challenging its veracity, just the apparent lack of insight this guy seems to have (at least to me)“.

Just goes to show how people feel when their fur is rubbed up the wrong way, they already knew it, they don’t believe it, they don’t like it, there not having it! What people don’t like is their assumptions challenged and they close their minds. Often by finding something they can identify as wrong and use it as a single aspect to critice the overall theory; like for example  myself as an English person putting down the entire book as rubbish because on the front cover the spelling of vapour is incorrect – in English.

Gerald H. Pollack

And Gerald mentions this type of attitude in his book because recently several claims for new qualities of water have been proven to be wrong. Water research has a bad reputation: what could possible be new?

Well this guy certainly looks like proving that electro-static separation zones do occur in water. YouTube talk – and YouTube index.

Fresh flowing water is not only refreshing, maybe giving off negative ions, it is also stimulating to be near to it and to just look at it. Water flowing over a boulder trapping leaves: Video. So we should endeavour not to have our water tampered with, like fluoridation which is a bleaching agent. Some suggestions are to ad Statins to drinking water! We should respect the value of water, water is essential to all life and we should support water science as it may improve all our lives.

WATERY SYSTEMS that may enhance it.

There are lots of so called pseudo-scientific methods connected with water, the only way to test if they are beneficial is to personally try a few. However after reading through this section it is recommended to try out the cheapest home – made options FIRST; these are links near the very end of this article .

The most expensive water is Deauterium Depleted Water and the best of that is probably Divinia Water, they unlike all others supply the water in glass, not plastic; which surly defeats the objective.

Water is essential for life so drinking clean healthy water is also essential and stating it twice shows its importance!

Water-EggWater Egg: egg shaped water holders ‘may’ invigorate water in the nourishing way that nature utilizes when it gestates growing things; from human babies to seeds held within pine cones – egg shapes in nature are repeated in many variations such as tree buds, pine-tree cones; has anyone investigated the egg shape in nature? maybe only this guy: Life Vortex. I have tried one of these water-egg jugs and find that it appears to at the very least – keep it cool – something intangible added to the water? doubtful, but the taste is fine; but then our water in Yorkshire is not contaminated with fluoridation. However it does have other aditives and the Water Egg does not filter the water.

Victor-SchaubergerViktor Schauberger

 A man who observed nature, pondered how Salmon could get up waterfalls. How to funnel timber efficiently through logging water-slides, and more controversially developing water engines. He suggested storing water in egg – like containers as the Romans did with water and wine in amphorae. He also delved into the properties of water especially spinning and vortexing of water and believed such energies collected in water from such movement was beneficial for health. Allegedly his water-engine concepts were used by the Soviet Union in their early space projects: an intriguing man. Much of his water philosophy has been adopted by other investigators and suppliers mentioned here.


Victor Schauberger’s ideas concerning water energising is covered in this book as well as products including vortex pipes, crystals and other methods allegedly with abilities to upgrade drinking water with more vitality. Victor believed that long straight pipework reduced the vitality of our drinking water. Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water

At the seaside and being near flowing water can indeed make us feel better, when we breath in the air nearby rushing fresh water, waterfalls, as water currents tumble, vortex, twist and turn. Where separate water channels merge together. The air near such watery turbulence is known to produce  negative ions. These molecules in the air are anti-oxidants and thought to cancel out certain Free Radicals that can have detrimental effects on health and longevity.


The beneficial use of water by our ancestors all over the planet looks to be a concept they knew about. For example at Machu Picchu in Peru and at other ‘Inka’ locations have water channels and water direction changing methods of stone channelling, dropping down levels and pouring out of stone spouts generating small drinking fountains and waterfalls. Water delivery intertwined at the Machu Picchu site; water engineering, obviously important for drinking and irrigation yet never explained by guides. The  Quechua Indians most likely know all about the good effects of the waters in this and other ‘Inka’ locations. Inka is in inverted commas as it is known that it was their own ancient ancestors who built these places, not the Maya or the Inkas.


Remarkably under the Pyramids on the Giza plateau there is an extinct complex of interwoven multi-layered large water channels huen out of the underground rock; a massive undertaking. It must have had a function worthy of such effort, maybe in concert with the pyramids above? This is what Abd’el Hakim Awyan maintains in The Pyramid Code video.

Ancient Romans venerated water especially rivers (Deva Goddess). The concept of Holy Water, blessed by a priest pre-dates the rituals of Roman Catholicism. Wells were venerated by many pre-historic civilisations. Well adornment and dressing in Derbyshire England is still practised as it once was on a larger scale in pagan times past and not just in Britain.

Generalife - Alhambra

Water, irrigation and creation of water eco-systems and micro-climates were essential in Arabic culture; which spread to southern Spain. The best remaining example being the Generalife at the Alhambra in Granada.

Coins in a well or fountain is a persistent practice for wish fulfilment. Some believe there is energy in fresh uprising spring water.  Could there be energies  within underground waterways and springs that percolate to the surface at many ancient shrines and places of veneration and worship? In the Muslim world and others it is a pre-requisite to remove shoes when entering a place of worship, respect or superstition or maybe a sign of linking into the Earth current coming from below? these days an automatic ritual that maybe once had a more essential meaning? See Earthing. Dowsers may be able to not only find underground water, but sense its value!

In the book Dune by Frank Herbet, water plays a central role. He may have based his Sietches: water storage caverns; on those found at Masada in the  Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea in Israel. Its a mountain stronghold where the zealots held off the Roman army for years due to their desert defying fresh water storage capabilities, first excavated and built by King Herod the First.


Amazing Water constructions in ancient times have been ignored by modern science, probably because such places are the dominion of archaeologists and crossing the boundaries of one discipline to another is a no-go activity for ‘professionals’.  Water structures such as The megalithic Quebrada de Lavapatas creek in Colombia, and the Pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem pose many anomalous question regarding the use of water by our ancestors. One pioneering researcher of course totally rejected by the scientific and archaeological spheres of investigation is a remarkable man: Misroslav Provod.


Trees are magnificent pumps utilizing photosyntheses and capillary action; as molecules of water are launched off leaves due to the action of the sun, the next in-line ‘step up’ and this suction action is so powerful it can lift water higher than most man-made pumps. This beautiful suspended flowering tree-egg; a work of living art, was in Jaffa Israel, but long since died due to lack of watering!

Health Spas are not quite as popular as they once were; the city of Bath is named after the Roman bath house in the location. Others in Harrogate Yorkshire and all over the world, indoor and outdoor have hot springs, smelling of the sulphur that the water rises up through. Still very popular in Russia and ex-Soviet states.

Water gizmo’s, gadgets, stones, crystals etc.

A profusion of confusing options, but maybe they all work? or maybe belief and the placebo effect is operating, either way some are very expensive.


Grander Water: Johann Grander is another German interested in Water and also a bearded Victor Schauberger look-alike! Building  ‘magnetic generators’  and claiming  ‘Water Revitalisation’ as his discovery, but it must be accredited to Victor Schauberger who was into all this type of thing many years previously. Apparently on the land that Johann Grander purchased there was an old mine. It is from a spring in this mine that the water comes from. The Grander family business sells gadgets that attach to home or industrial water pipework to engender renewed vitality into the passing water, by some sort of induction, from a box containing the spring water. This apparently operates on the basis of water of a lower ‘frequency’ adopting a higher more vitalised one by being in its vicinity. Grander tried to patent some of these concepts, pens containing the water and other items such as pads to place water containers onto, but was refused, also there is a court case noted at the end of this document. I am not saying that this water is not of high quality (it is) nor these instruments invaluable, but caution is required, they are not inexpensive and there are many alternatives:

spiral-water - revitalising copper pipe

There are many water re-vitalizers being sold, that fit in-line in home plumbing, they are copper pipes that generate vortexes in the passing water flow, thus apparently vitalising it. Its on the basis of what Victor Schauberger found in nature; that the best drinking water was from a spring or in a river in both cases after the water has been tunnelling, churning,  spiralling within and over rocks and sub-strata and passing lots of minerals and crystal quartz. The one shown here is from the people who are responsible for the book Dancing with Water. Such units cover all the water in the home rather than small drinking water ‘treatments’ such as the water egg and other systems including crystal and stone induction methods.

 Agua-Sirral-imploderSpiral Water: this is another variation on the theme. Using some great sales vocabulary and new terminology: “incorporating a Phase Conjugate Magnetic Array” The Imploder.

Yet another is  from copper Spiral Water Pipes – SpiralWasser.

Then there is the GENESIS Water Energiser – this unit seems to have the lot, crystals, sacred geometry, and they do acknowledge its built on Victor Schauberger principles. Genesis-Water-Vortex-Pipe However as I have come to understand it these types of units may ad some sort of effect, but they are not water filters or purifiers. For full vitalisation of water a certain type of spinning engine was used maybe similar to Victor Schauberger’s controversial Repulsin (apparently a flying saucer engine!).


Water-CrystalCrystals have vibratory effects and electrical charges – Piezoelecticity – widely used in industry, so efficient they are used to keep time in watches and in multiple computer chip devices. In fact their capacity to accurately pulse from one state to another is the basis of all computing, and thus may have a certain detectable field surrounding them. The picture shown here is a water crystal that  Dr. Masuru Emoto has been investigating and described in his book The Healing Power of Water and the ‘water memory’ stored in crystals within it. Crystaline structures in water and in stones, rocks and mountains; there seems to be some common baseline here. An entire industry has been generated around crystals from lucky charms to  Himalayan salt crystal lamps , from crystal radio receivers to computer chips. islamic-Tiles Its interesting to note that crystalline formations and their representations are used in Islamic (tile) art to represent aspects of order in the Universe that is unseen to human eyes: how did they get that concept centuries before the microscope? Or was it based on the mathematics of Ancient Greece? If the claims of positive action on health from crystals and even the representation of them operate on some level, then we can assume this was also the original purpose of Islamic tile designs. Sacred Geometry or natural law of physics? its still very interesting. Could there be an organising field behind our perceived reality that generates templates through a crystalline design again conjecture? undiscovered physics? or intelligent design?

Water, Crystals, Mag-fields:  as healing agents.

Homoeopathy, has been debunked by many including Richard Dawkins, however for some people it still seems to work in spite of its detractors. It may be again, the placebo effect, but this in itself should be a useful study as the only crutch the mind needs to heal itself is some physical stimulus to belief! The placebo is the most tested and therefore the most effective drug by far that medicine has! This line of thinking may go so far as to chime with the observer effect on the material world and the Quantum mechanics double-slit experiment as outlined by Tom Campbell (My Big Toe).

So it is claimed that vitalised water, crystals, magnetic fields and even the representation of certain geometric forms can all have a beneficial effect.

Salt Lamps give off negative ions, magnets and magnetic fields, electric fields and electronic medicine, earthing, negative ion water, PH and Alkaline water its a known fact that cancer cells don’t flourish in an alkaline body.

Anchi Crystals are said to be some of the most vital available. Interestingly using such things as well as electro-magnetic fields as assistive healing methods have proven to speed up the bodies ability to rapidly heal cuts and bruises for some athletes, and some Tour de France cycling teams have had positive results.

Portable water filters and water Ionizer, Hydrogen rich anti- oxidant water, ozonated Water– ‘Quantum Wave‘ units and many many more. Truespring is an interesting article about water. Then there is the concept of natural Vortexes at Sacred sites. Even popular locations such as: Mystery Spot, and the sceptical views about it.

One of the cheapest water energising methods is explained her: do it yourself water energising experiment.

Shungite: water treatment

Shungite is said to have great water purifying qualities.

Sold at a polish website:

Also I can’t leave this subject without the mention of associated items and theories: electrical/magnetic/frequency healing devices. Zappers – more controversial than water treatments.

There is a huge industry starting in this area, most want your money,  you have to choose which is real or otherwise. And of course all such things must be careful investigated. But certainly mainstream science is not going down this rabbit hole any-time soon. Without any such corroborative and objective science for methods and products for balancing, invigorating, purifying and energizing of water; the watchword is of course caution. Some are from genuine people others are no doubt promoted for profit, some con-tricks, others well intentioned but maybe fanciful. This entire area needs you, yourself to judge. Maybe at least try one or maybe two affordable options before adopting the overall concept.


Our drinking water is full of chemical

treatments; is chlorinated to kill germs (bacteria), may have pesticides in it and so on, and if we can believe water to have a memory, then by logical deduction, no amount of energising, ionizing, structuring, filtering and so on will remove any previous encoding of the original water. So if you believe in any of this stuff then addressing such an underlying concept must be the first step: a method to remove all previous traces of bad energy/memory in water! So that would have to be the first step, filtration is a must, and energising it would be entirely redundant and unnecessary: if these two primary steps are taken. But how to do such a thing (again should you believe it?) Possibly a method derived by Dr Emoto? Making water transform: mutate from one state to another is borderland ‘science’ as current physics states; that transmutation of elements can only take place inside a star (sun).

The only person I have traced addressing this basic concept of completely changing the state of waters residual ‘memory’ is a lady called Carol Hathor (can this be her real name: HATHOR Egyptian goddess) See this YouTube Video. And this takes us much further down the rabbit hole! Maybe too far.

Drinking chlorine cannot be good for our health and research is begining to emerge that it might be one of the contributing causes for the rise in food allergies and many alergic conditions.

Everyone is out there on the internet selling items related to this subject: tubes, pipes filters, crystals, copper rings, pyramids, orgonite and probably others.

Tensor - Ring - glass - water

Uncannily some do appear to do something; for example the Tensor Ring from Slim Sperling. (shown opposite) Is it suggestion, the placebo effect, or a real elemental change in the water due to some ‘force’ within the ring? Tap water placed on the ring for a few minutes tastes good as  bottled water; of course this might be totally subjective.

But it costs the same as one single bottle of the Grander water and can be used for ever. So its a cheaper way to self deception, if that is what’s happening here… or maybe here is something really amazing!

Certainly part of these effects can be attributed to the Placebo effect, but ‘if’ it works it works!

A note about drinking water; some people always go too excesses (one aspirin is good; so 50 or so must be better!) On this subject too much water can flush out valuable electro-lite chemical substances with the urine: mostly salts – leading to drinking so much you become dehydrated!!! And you loose the salts required.

A note about salt: like refined sugar white refined salt is bad for us, try to remove white salt from your diet, use unrefined salt (Himalayan etc).


For & Against

Interesting video: the ‘Physics of Crystals‘.


If you accept that healthy water, air etc are valuable you might go for walks near the see or at waterfalls, stay and breath in the air. For the home a water filter and ionizer might be a good investment. We are talking about prevention of ailments and a decent book on these subjects is PEMF:



Mae-Wan Ho, PhD
Life is Water Electric

Mae-Wan Ho, Director and founder of the Institute of Science in Society, is best known for pioneering work on the physics of organisms and sustainable systems and the liquid crystalline water of the living matrix.  She is also a staunch critic of neo-Darwinian theory and the biotech industry. Much in demand as a public speaker and a prolific writer, Mae-Wan has more than 170 scientific publications, 18 books, and over 500 popular articles and essays across all disciplines.

Having retired  in June 2000, she continues to teach as Visiting Professor of Biophysics at University of Cantania, Italy. Now her mission includes a global initiative to reclaim science and art for the public good. Mae-Wan will emphasize that electricity from water energizes and animates life and enables each single molecule to intercommunicate with every other. It is truly the means, medium, and message of life, “the rainbow within that mirrors the one in the sky”.  This is the subject of her latest book Living Rainbow H2O (2012).

And back to the professor I started with: WATER Myth or what.

A note of caution,  and a sobering court case:

Grander water: “Esoteric humbug”

Monday: September 11, 2006

Grander water: “Esoteric humbug”

Scientist won trial at the “Oberlandesgericht Wien” (High Court

Vienna (APA-OTS, 2006-09-06) – In a case that made national news, the High Court in Vienna, Austria, ruled in favour of Viennese biologist Dr. Erich Eder, after three years of trial. The Tyrolean company U.V.O., distributor of the GRANDER® products that supposedly “vitalize” water, had taken legal action against Dr. Eder as he had criticized their products as being “esoteric humbug”.

Scientists and consumer protection organizations have known for long about the inefficacy of the Grander® devices: “It remains unexplained to me why these devices still are allowed to be sold. They obviously have no effect whatsoever”, says Dr. Eder, an author and reviewer for the well-regarded scientific journal ‘Hydrobiologia’, and last year’s winner of the distinguished Science Encouragement Prize of the City of Vienna.

The final ruling of the Court: Dr. Eder is allowed to state that Grander technology and/or the Grander water are nothing but pseudoscientific humbug originating from esoteric ideas. Likewise, Dr. Eder’s moral reproach of the fact that people suffering from serious diseases like boreliosis or cancer could be brought to trust the effects of the “miracle water” and do without urgently required medical treatment, was considered as justified.

Regarding a clear case of fraud, the Court regarded Dr. Eder’s proof as insufficient, citing the Grander® distributor’s three month free return “satisfaction guarantee” provided to the customers. Eder: “This part of the ruling is purely a legal technicality – I am proud of having cleared up this company’s wrong allegations”. Dr. Eder doubts that customers would recognize the inefficacy of the Grander devices fast enough for them to return them within three months.

Evidence put forward by scientific experts requested by the tribunal confirmed Dr. Eder’s statement that no effect of Grander® water could be proven scientifically. The High Court has ruled in favour for Dr. Eder in a total of 88% of the claims. Recently in 2005, Grander® “technology” distributor Ecoworld NZ Ltd has been fined $60,000 in the Hamilton District Court for misleading people about the benefits of the Grander® water “treatment” system. The court also ordered compensation to be paid to consumers who purchased the product during the period under investigation. Dr. Eder: “I demand and explanation from the Austrian Science Minister, Elisabeth Gehrer: Why was Johann Grander, whose ineffective “invention” now has been officially ruled ‘esoteric humbug’, awarded with the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science? When will this distinction be revoked?”


If you decide you want to go with some type of water energiser, for drinking, then you will also need to filter the water (first) as none of the water ‘revitalisers’ have filtration.

There are then three stages – Water filtration, water re-vitalisation and storage (if not immediately drunk e.g. the Water Egg is effective for this in my own experience).

Three good and low cost filter options are: (leaves Flouride in !)

Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher

Culligan Faucet Filter FM-15A

And one of the best that really gets out all the stuff in our tap water are devices like these: Kinetco… but not cheap.

Cheapest options:

And here is a Do-It-Yourself water purification and Ionization method: Old Lab Rat.

And here the same guy with a magnetic full house water method: Old Lab Rat.

Both the above options are by far the cheapest in comparison to everything described above, so if you are interested in such methods and concepts start with one of these first!

So its all hokum egh….

Well no not when there are secret military applications! Submarines and torpedoes that can travel faster than sound!

Back to Victor Schauberger. After WW2 the Russians took his ideas very seriously. Especially his thoughts about how Salmon and other fish defie the laws of physics in leaping up streams and standing still in raging currents. A membrane of converted water exuded from their nose area (mucus) any fisherman will tell you that fish are slimy and slippery.

Well, change the state of water and cause: a supercavitating underwater running body through a special secret liquid membrane and you can speed up an underwater vehicle to astounding speeds – apparently: see China’s secret subs. China’s Torpedo.

Chinese - super - subs




Makes you wonder about all the other stuff related to water; remember our bodies are over 90% water.

And this brings us back to observational scientist  Eric Laithwaite who said that all we need to do is observe nature; everything we need, every new invention was first realised in nature. We just need to know how look, how observe, learn how to learn.


Other areas where discoveries are being found, or denounced are:

Water – DNA – Genetics – Evolution – Darwinism – Ancient Engineering – Egyptology – The Brain – Conciousness – Electronic Medicine, Placebo and much more.




ELECTRICITY – MAGNETISM – Momentum, and New-Old Thoeries

 There went out a sower to sow: And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and devoured it up. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth: But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away. And some fell among thorns, the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit. And other fell on good ground, did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, some an hundred. He said unto them, He that has ears to hear, let him hear.

And in this stained glass window the sower also had to contend with a nasty blue devil that was also trying to stop him.

 Just like some so-called ‘Maverick Scientists’ and their theories. First there is opposition, vilification – defence of existing position – finally and if eventually accepted; and it can take a very long time:  then, if, and when, along with  acceptance..the new adopters often say… we knew that anyhow.

It looks like, if you care to look, to be interested, to be objective; that many theories are on the cusp of collapse in several fields of science.

Lets begin with: Electro-magnetism, the ‘Big Bang‘ and the theory of the Ether.

Eric - Laithwaite

Professor Eric Laithwaite (Manchester University – Imperial College London). Described as an ‘Incredible Genius’ and ‘Maverick scientist’ I doubt that Eric would have thought of himself as a genius; he simple looked at nature and observed things and built simple experiments that anyone is capable of understanding if they use common sense and observation. Maverick is a description of him by mainline  – toe the line scientists who are incapable of thinking out of the constraining box they inhabit, due to educational conditioning, peer pressure, and defending principles they have previously advocated (like parrots) to maintain common herd-like group think, and only such in-line thinkers are rewarded with research contracts these days.

Check-out a few of Eric’s demonstrations:

Gyroscopic primer –  Large Gyroscope –  YouTube List

People like Eric, a polymath, with diverse interests and an observational scientist of the natural world, are few and far between, but almost all human discoveries are made by free thinking radicals. Another that has found fame from the same university that Eric first worked at (Manchester) is Andre Geim the Russian who discovered Graphene


Also initially a ‘maverick’ Andre became mainstream and accepted due to the amazing provable properties of his discoveries and one other important fact: no challenges came as he is unique in finding the properties of this new material, which was previously impossible! And importantly he was first so no accretions of further modifications have been added or argued about by subsequent scientific investigators. He used observation, not mathematics which might prove that such a material was impossible.

Andre simply used cello-tape and a pencil to prove his theory!

Science, in the field under discussion and based on physical experimentation and observation rather than mathematical presumption, is a practice that has almost died out.


Which brings us to Michael Faraday, a ‘maverick’ who had little education, and was self-taught by reading the books that he was binding as a publishers apprentice. He observed, experimented and found things out for himself. Regarded highly he rose up into the stratosphere of academic science.  He postulated the theory of an Ether in between the magnet and the compass as the conductive substance that magnetism could travel within. However since that time much of his findings and principles of test, observe, experiment has been drowned out by mathematical theorists, that has resulted in a total lack of real understanding of electro-magnetism and the poo-pooing of a substance such as the Ether.

Accretion upon accretion of theoretical thinking and power structures have submerged basic understandings to a point where ‘everything is understood’ based upon theory that is forbidden to be challenged because it is so, so say the educationalists who learned or were dogmatised by previous generations of less free thinkers who pass on the straitjackets to new students: who only get degrees by towing the established lines.

What could we possible learn from going back to basics or alternative studies of electricity, magnetism, water, or heaven forbid ancient technology that mathematics have yet to fully submerge. Mathematics and theories that don’t look at electrical operations in comparison to a mathematical particle based Universe is a science refusing to be open minded. Ancient monolithic structures compared to geology or common sense observation of multiple ancient structures fly in the face of established prestigious pontiffs of archaeology and they cannot look to mathematics to disprove what is obvious to the common man. There is such a need in other areas of science.

Quantum physics and the standard theory of the beginnings of the Universe  are just that; a theory  and reputations like “that wheelchair guy” as Homer Simpson describes him: Stephan Hawkin hang on unproven quantum mechanics and wobbly mathematical atomic particle principles.

Most people don’t think about it, yet fully accept it! Its all gone unchallenged by the same means as the Hans Anderson story of the emperor’s new clothes; is amazing.  Such folks as these ‘physicist’s’ should not even be classified as emperor’s at all. People who notice inconsistencies that challenge this status quo are ignored, side-lined or vilified.

German scientist Di Ing.K. Meyl thinks also that the Big Bang never occurred.


Pointing out that something held as a fixed concept to the holder of such belief often begets a furious angry response. Sometimes much worse:

Eric Dollard

Eric - Dollard

At age 15 Eric Dollard was granted full access to RCA’s radio research headquarters. He is reputed to be the only scientist to fully investigate and recreate some aspects of the work of Nikola Tesla.

Working with Naval science project remnants he observed magnetic methods to create surface ship counter measures; invisibility to torpedo attack. Debuncked and disenfranchised, some people have recently helped Eric re-establish a workshop, although with some arguments between assisting parties. Eric has given several interesting talks on YouTube:  History and Theory of Electricity. Here is an Index to his work.

The Big Bang and Black holes may not existProfessor Laura Mersini-Houghton from the University of North Carolina


What’s that black part in that sun-spot?

sunspot - NASA

Sun – powered by nuclear fusion – most likely a myth. Yes lots of thermo-nuclear and fusion activity… but a common man might observe that these swirling, fibrous, fiery actions are circling around and blowing upwards and into space emitting lots of heat, radiation, atoms etc – but what’s that black thing in the centre? “Oh just ignore that” the scientist says, “we will get answers to that some future time”,  so no worries, go back to sleep… they say: “don’t worry about such things we are the ones to do that then tell you our results so you don’t need to think”. But this could upset a lot of people: No inner core in the sun.

To the ordinary bloke on the number 10 bus to Hackney, or the bar-room scientist in the local pub, even here they are harangued if they point out the obvious that the inside of the Sun appears to be dark and thus one can assume that the interior is colder than the outside… so demolishing the theory that the sun is a thermo-nuclear object, as without even hotter and brighter activity taking place in the core… many theories crumble.

Well some folks have noticed and are now seeking answers as this observation throws out lots of strongly held beliefs. Another operation with an entirely different scientific cosmology is required. Hmmm back to Faraday and Laithwaite and begin again from there!

See this and examine the evidence and the theory – lots of talks and videos here:

The Thunderbolts Project

Electric - rock-art

Electric plasma discharge motifs found painted on ancient rocks by early mankind! These people could draw exact and beautiful real representations, so how come they drew this too! A message from ancient observations?


David Talbott  & Walt Thornhill

David - Talbott

These guys started off the theory of the Universe being held together by electro-magnetism, not gravity, and with it comes, if accepted the end of the Big Bang, quantum theory and its mechanics and lots of reputations.


Wal- Thornhill

The Big Bang the cosmological beginnings of the creation of the universe is built upon atomic theory of atoms.

Out goes the bang with a whimper…?

Should the alternative model of the universe as described in the Electric Universe if correct  it then must mean that there was no big bang and in anycase simple observation of the movement of the galaxies does not look like the aftermath of a central single bang. At the very least these questions should be aired and discussed. They hold concepts and observations that an ordinary person with a little effort can indeed comprehend and make sense from it. Electricle activity seen in the heavens can be re-created in many fairly simple experiments right here on Earth without expensive accelerator complexes.

What caused the bang is not discussed, as every cause has an equal and we are told opposite reaction, well we get that, however the cosmos is not entirely behaving as those that hold on to the standard theory wish it to be fulfilled.

Of course an Electric Universe has the same questions as to the unknown origins, just as to what or who set of the bang in the first place!

Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of TimeThe standard model is a model of physical reality by which anything else is compared too and if it does not fit it: is discarded as irrational!

You cannot challenge what the High Priests of Physics have ordained as the only truth. The model we have is so far stretched and less than understandable to the ordinary person: Wiki Standard Model.

Could Einstein be wrong? Hawking’s probably is as his own theory of the Big Bang contradicts his theory about black holes: these theories are mutually exclusive.  See Hawking in the dark.

Einstein’s theory of relativity.


Some particles can be in two locations at the same time… and some electrical-magnetic phenomena appear to be instantaneous between two points. Such things bend the theory of light-speed being a maximum! Worse still: Gravity – may be only a localised phenomenon… according to the information gathered by the Electric Universe theory.

Silly question:  If gravity exists under the conditions we are told then why does the space station orbiting the Earth held in place by gravity, yes, but yet the astronauts float within.. are they not subject to the gravity holding down the space station?

EinsteinEinstein was not fully certain of his theories and seeked to work out a TOE a Theory Of Everything so as to bring everything within a single simple provable and demonstrable theory of how everything is encapsulated neatly. It became his life’s work: he failed. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle snagged him. Probably his biggest stumbling block was the fact that the double slit experiment hung over him like a disturbing dark cloud as it showed that the observer of the experiment influenced its outcome. Could the observer, the human being be detached from the world within which they existed within? Such detachment is of course the scientific aim, but Mr Erwin Schrodinger buggered it up with his dead and alive cat. And the double slit experiment furthered the mystery. Wolfgang Pauli said: “Physics had got itself into a terrible muddle and he would greatly prefer to be working as a comedian”!


The Hubble telescope is finding oldest galaxies are producing more, new material, contrary to Big Bang assumptions; as the farthest must be the first to diminish!

Hawking and his radiations may just be a big windbag! And Brian Cox the darling of TV astronomy never answers these types of issues on the BBC SkyWatch programs. Controversy is never raised, because faced with evidence as outlined here and collectively you might almost imagine to see the fear of their world as experts crumbling… when you realise the implications of this:

Z8-GND-5296-GalaxyGalaxy Z8-GND-5296   is one of the oldest so far to be observed and it throws up interesting information that confronts previously held concepts between Big Bang cosmology and telescopic empirical observations. According to the bang theory oldest galaxies will be losing steam and energy and light. Yet Z8-GND-5296 is one of the most active (generating over 300 new stars per year, and with more light than should be available). Our galaxy produces just a handful. Big Bangers no doubt say that the older and furthest out will have more power from the explosive force whilst ours is in a later aftermath zone. But as Z8-GND-5296 is half the known age of the Universe it should have stopped and be on the turn towards running down and stopping: entropy. Instead its speeding up and generating more! And because of their theory of gravity these big banger theorists require a hypothetical need for almost 70% of matter to be Dark and mysteriously un-observable and yet entirely necessary to account for and support the gravity theory which is all hypothetical but without which the gravity theory and probably the Big bang theory would fall-over.

Universe-Map - MPlank - Institute

This graphic is a recent pictorial representation of the Universe from the Max Plank institute (click to enlarge it). It shows uniformity and connectivity of the Galaxies, and their stars. Conformity that you might not expect from a chaotic big bang aftermath! Now to most ordinary folks this graphic showing the Universe; for all intents and purposes looks organised, self-replicating, structured and inter-connected; organic. Berkeland currents. But we are told by the experts that this is the result of a huge explosion. Personally all the explosions I have seen generate chaos.

Andromeda our nearest neighbour Galaxy: latest NASA Hubble picture – Amazing puts the vastness of the universe into a perspective of how miner we are in comparison, and this is just one galaxy, there are billions.

Alfred-North-WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead: proposed that the Universe is alive with continuous creation and that it was an organism – see his meta-physics. Observations show (photograph above from – Hawaii spectrometer; MOSFIRE) huge energy clouds and filaments emanating and connecting old and newer stars together ‘mother and daughter stars and galaxies’. This beautiful millennium simulation is from Volker Springel – Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics: the Map of the Universe.

Nature prefers common repeatable patterns.

Z8-GND-5296 shows: the Universe is ‘alive’ with continuous creation of galaxies and stars and thus very much like an organism! Continuous creation utilizing fields of electric plasma (Thunderbolts Project) make much more (and observable) sense to ordinary people over the experts who defend the theory of a single huge explosion. Of course both theories do not put forward a concept for what starting these things in the first place.

Here comes another irksome observational theory that many physicists don’t like because it doesn’t fit what they have been taught to believe. That electricity and magnetism must have a universal fluid within which their manifestations are able to take place and it was Michael Faraday who proposed it:

The Ether

Fifth Element

A universal substance pervading the universe and (Thunderbolts Project) emitted by all the Suns in the cosmos. Fanciful? Maybe but many scientific, some will say fringe science or suedo-science proponents think so. Tesla that towering almost forgotten real genius of electro-magnetism and electricity believed it to be the underlying force, that if captured would lead to uplifting society by providing a universal energy source.

Aether - Counter-Space

Ether or Aether the Fifth Element know by the ancient civilisations which exists  outside and within: Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The element that the Alchemists sought to obtain, contain and manifest. Sir Isaac Newton spent most of his time seeking such an element: the Quintessence.  The Quintessential life force; within, without and underlying all physical matter. Might it be electro-magnetic? The pulse of the planet beats at 10Hz the Schuman – Resonanz. Therefore all things on the planet must be associated; with more or lesser degrees too an (unconscious) synchronisation too this frequency @ 7.83Hz the human brain connects/synchronizes (Berger / Rutger Wever). The Casimir effect shows that in a void – a vacuum – empty space: two metal plates will move together; showing a force in nothingness!

Could electro-magnetism obtain some wavelength properties from this Ether coming from a counter or opposite location all about us unseen from the visible manifestations of physical matter; are we like the goldfish that cannot perceive of the medium of water and swims on without wondering.

Electricity is a hidden force, magnetism, and so too gravity: are there others? Many types of invisible forces have been described by various investigators all different names and descriptors of Faraday’s Ether? – a spacial conductive flux that is a channel that carries magnetism? A primordial atmosphere –  unseen lines of force that act upon spiralling vortexes like water down the plughole and twisters, tornado’s and upon and surrounding magnetic fields: electro-magnetism.

Baron Carl von Reichenbach





The Odic Force that interested Baron Carl von Reichenbach

Prana – from India

Vril – which German occultists had beliefs in apparently including Hitler.

Qi – The Chinese belief in an invisible Earth current; the dragon force.

Telluric currents that flow near the supposed Ley-lines.

Auric energy

Counter-space (Rudolf Steiner): A theory that puts a source of energy, incoming from a counter balancing location juxtaposed to matter and the energies within all matter; a field that all matter: the entire Universe swims within.

Such beliefs may ad to the confusion, it’s a world-wide ancient indigenous belief in most cultures, it moves and flows depending upon external forces, conditions, objects, time of day etc. even the nearness of a person as demonstrated: a finger on the glass of a plasma globe.

An interesting book – Lost Science – about the early experimenters in odic forces, magnetism, electricity, early radio and Tesla technologies and others is by Gerry Vassilatos.

Of the Barron here is a extract quotation taken from the Sceptics Dictionary:

He thought he had discovered a basic force in nature, which he called “od.” He is one of several classic examples of a respected scientist becoming fixated on an idea that only he can validate. The delusion in such men is impervious to criticism, which might lead one to conclude that a psychological aberration has occurred in a previously well-balanced and competent scientist.”

Step out of line of the common herd mind-set and you can expect a vicious attack: This above shows the mind-set; set against anything that does not conform to the common and accepted view of things, it’s an insult to a great man, who they acknowledge as a brilliant scientist, but with this single obsessive compulsion… what if he is right?

It’s the sort of thing said about many – proven later – to be correct experimenters, in all fields of discovery when during the course of traversing from one sacred belief mind-set crumbling when another is proved. The Barons Odic Force is just in the same mind-place as others, a possible theory yet to be proved just like Quantum Theory. When this is displaced by another such as the Electric universe, will history then insult Einstein? and that ‘Wheelchair guy’ and their compatriots in such a disgusting manner… lets hope not as these folks are only subject to their nature, upbringing and beliefs as much as any other common ordinary person. When we understand electricity; that will be a great day, just as much as the day it dawns on man that he and his mind and his thoughts are all governed by automated thinking.

Just as one religion wants to extinguish the others and claim total rights to truth and ‘their’ god because it is a business with good jobs for the priests, the comparison is right there in ‘holy science’. I wonder what such folks think about that apple bloke; Newton who is greatly respected but had a deeper hidden interest in Alchemy: they don’t appear to insult him half as much for this suspected lunacy.

In the end Einstein accepted the concept of an Ether, and this is not widely known.

Often experts in one area of expertise can be open minded about another area that they have not claimed authority over. A professional in one field may be flexible in another. Tell a geneticist about magnetism and they may show an interest, show a nuclear physicist strange things connected to octaves in the musical scale and so on. Minds can be closed and theories violently defended, when confronted. But they can be open – minded in other disciplines. When an artist loses their ‘muse’ or a writer gets a mental block, it can often be the result of saturation of the theme. Can such mental blockages be similar in fields of other types of study, just too much specialisation, causing mental inflexibility?  I think so. Writers and artists know this and they often change circumstances, change direction for new inspiration. This is a need that all science should know about, cross-field experimentation, cross fertilisation. Great people are often Polymaths interested in almost everything.

As the Buddhist Koan goes: when the cup is full and the fresh tea is available the cup needs to be emptied before it can be filled.

Sceptics of all persuasions want to asses new concepts within the / their established paradigm, anything outside is classified as ‘wacky science’. When a mind-set is set in such a manner it is set against anything that could change such a ‘world view’.

I’ll get off my pulpit and go next to upset more of such folks with:

Quantum theory


Quantum theory does it ad up? Even Richard Feynman  reputedly said that it was incomprehensible to fully understand, also that we don’t know what energy is.

 Quantum Mechanics is concerned with particle theories at the minuscule levels of sub atomic activity: how they behave at unseen levels and need mathematics and certain mental gyrations to grasp the theory as it applies at these sub-microscopic levels. However certain demonstrable actions cause ramifications beyond this fundamental world of the building blocks of the material world we live within. Experimenters and theorists say that things at this level can have no reality in our Macro-world, but they could easily be wrong.

Double slit experiment

Double Slit: is it a wave is it a particle? Don’t look now because it might become what it should not be according to the experts prediction.

Is light a waveform or an atomic photon particle, an experiment originally done over a hundred years ago shows that the results depend upon how the information is collected. Potentially both realities of the results are simultaneously possible – Erwin Schrodinger: it’s a probability that is not fixed in the experiment itself until the results – data is collected and noted, i.e. the observer creates the result from two options: see this video.


Quantum Entanglement

A subatomic particle can effect another over vast distance, two can be in the same state and respond to each other, at exactly the same time.

Is reality an entanglement involved with consciousness? This has been ignored by physicists because to accept it changes all their models and would mean stepping out of line resulting in peer group ridicule, it’s a risky business to point out a truth. So physicists ignore it and build fabricated hypothesis on shaky ground. The defence against any thinking about what this experiment means is to almost ignore it, because it predicts that reality is flexible; so they say it is confined to the sub-microscopic atomic elements level only!

Here comes more irritation for physicist:

My Big Toe – A Theory of Everything


Tom CampbellBelieves that the Double Slit – experiment proves that it does indeed have ramifications for the world we see around us and not simply at the micro scale. It is the basis of his Theory Of Everything.

To accept that a probability is fixed only when observed has huge ramifications. Most theorists state that it only applies to the minute sub atomic quantum level to dodge the issue and move on. But surly this is a mistake, rather like that old adage ‘as above so below’ the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. Such folks have other theories which they say only apply out there in the cosmos; the need for dark matter, gravity bending light amongst others, that don’t apply locally. Such physically unprovable theories are built upon mathematical assumption. The simple double slit experiment shows the conundrum that these folks want to ignore because if it is accepted then Pandora’s box is opened and anything could happen. As consciousness and the evolution of it would have to become a factor of study to turn too!

Are such things noticeable in everyday life, one possible example that we all experience are: Coincidences could be a possible observable example of this theory in action; when you notice – observe coincidences: are they generated by your own subconscious interest or attraction?

Tom Campbell uses the double slit experiment and takes on its ramifications into many strange lands and thus is ostracised by mainstream science for his efforts.

Comments on the YouTube video: “This man should be shot for blasphemy against logic”.

“More nonsense interpretations of experimental quantum mechanics”. “wow.. double slit experiment turned into scientific fairy tale”.

Which are good quotations fully expected by the next experimenter and his amazing stories of adversity when trying to show alternatives to standard accepted methods. Its easy to put down new interpretations and new ideas, as history shows that anyone with a new idea faces the objectionists who will denie anything that the herd already accepts as truth, they never question their own mental-set and are obstacles to change. Until Copernicus showed through his telescope that the celestial orbs in the sky were not perfect in every manner (as the church pronounced) and Galileo supported and proved the contrary and was sent to prison for it.

What is consciousness? If it can influence physical reality…it ought to be studied…

Returning to Eric Dollard his talk on the History and Theory of Electricity shows that we do not understand electricity.


Tesla apart from inventing alternating current and lots of essential apparatus used today, apparently he obtained energy from the huge reservoir of electro-magnetic energy within the earth and its magnetic field. His radio system was transmitted through the earth from a signal broadcaster that was earthed with a long metal pole inserted deep into the ground, with an antenna-receiver of atmospheric energies from the Ether (Sun) in his Wardenclyffe tower.

Tapping into and signal transmitting along Telluric vibrations… radio can be received by a suitable iron bar hammered into the ground as an aerial, connected to a receiver.

Mr Dollard – tells a nice story about being different: don’t frown and then goes on to give a lengthy talk about these electrical subjects. Does electricity flow in a magnetic field surrounding the wire and not within the wire itself?

Earth is a huge motor revolving in space rushing around the galactic center; this momentum is huge and must be generating a form of energy and so its back to Laithwaite and spinning gyroscopes. He invented the Maglev train and of course it never was taken up in great Britain! Japan and China and other countries have and are currently doing so.


This guy got ostracised and any re-establishment of education and more trials and tests related to these things just stopped – Obituary. People don’t realise that the Earth is spining around on its axis at 1000mph whilst also spinning around the Sun which in turn is spinning rapidly around the Galaxy and so on: massive forces of momentum. All of this force of momentum, even without considering particles blasting at us from the Sun or our Earth swimming in a sea of Odic Ether,  must be producing huge amounts of power to tap just from the centrifugal force of movement alone. NASA uses these planetary forces to sling -shot space vehicles to faster speeds, they say by – gravity – could momentum also be involved?

New Film documentary THE PRINCIPLE looks like causing a stir in these fields!

The Principle - Documentary Cosmology Movie

 However it looks Geocentrically biased and Kate don’t like it.

And there’s more – much more:

The post about Artificial Intelligence and thinking machines throws up thoughts about human conciousness itself. Also in the received comments there is a response linking to emerging work advancing a theory of intelligence being within electro magnetic field within the brain the real seat of conciousness?

Other areas where discoveries are being found, or denounced are:

Water – DNA – Genetics – Evolution – Darwinism – Ancient Engineering – Egyptology – The Brain – Conciousness – Electronic Medicine, Placebo,  A.I. And Thinking Machines

And much more.

A recommended Magazine covering such subjects – Science in Society magazine.